RopaVet BV
About us
RopaStore is part of Ropavet B.V. RopaVet is an innovative Dutch company that develops and produces purely natural products for domestic and hobby animals. Most pets will eventually have problems. Many of these problems can already be prevented by giving your pet 'something' extra in addition to the general food, clean drinking water and a clean living environment. Ropavet works with natural raw materials and only makes natural products with a proven effect.
Own production in the Netherlands
Ropavet B.V. is a subsidiary of Ropapharm international B.V. Ropapharm is an expert on oregano oil and how it works. They distill essential oregano oil from their own oregano fields, which guarantees top quality. By growing the right plants through special selection, there is a consistently high quality oregano oil. We often process this pure essential oil in our products in combination with other raw materials in our own factory in Zaandam (NL).
Sell ​​and/or promote?
The products have a unique formula which was created after many years of research before it was sold to the market in 1995. If you are interested in selling and/or promoting our products, we would like to hear from you! Mail or call us for the possibilities.
Quality guaranteed
RopaStore supplies high-quality products thanks to our dedicated staff and a high-quality quality system. The quality department works continuously to maintain and improve our production processes. Every year, various audits are performed for Ropapharm for, among other things, GMP+ and SKALL.