4 tips for washing your dog
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4 tips for washing your dog

Bathing a dog is often quite a ritual, but certainly not unimportant. There are many things to take into account. How often can you wash your dog? Which shampoo do you use? We are happy to give some tips to make this process a bit easier.


1. Comb the dog before bathing

Before you wash your four-legged friend, it is wise to first comb some tangles out of the fur. Tangles and knots only get worse when they get wet, and are a lot harder to comb out afterwards. But removing the tangles also ensures that no dirt can get stuck behind. We recommend that you carefully comb out the tangles and knots. If there are a number of stubborn spots in between, it is best to cut them away to make it as comfortable as possible for your dog.

Now is often a good time to trim the dog's nails right away. This makes it a bit more pleasant for you if your dog sometimes struggles.


2. Think carefully about which shampoo is best for your dog

Think carefully about what shampoo you use for your dog. Dogs have a completely different pH than humans. It is very important that the sebum layer is not washed away, this dries out the skin and provides less protection.

In addition, the type of shampoo also strongly depends on the skin and coat of the dog. There are many different shampoos for different dogs: long-haired, short-haired, curly or for dogs with oily skin. The type of shampoo also strongly depends on the age and what your dog needs at that time, for example a flea shampoo or special puppy shampoo.

Choose a shampoo based on Natural ingredients, then you know for sure what you are putting on your dog's skin and coat. This is not only better for your dog, but also for the environment!


3. Be sure to encourage your dog

Provide lots of encouragement, but do not use your play voice, this often creates too much enthusiasm in the dog, making the bath a water ballet. Therefore, let your voice sound confident, calm and stable. This way you let your dog know that it is a safe environment and situation.

Also provide some treats after or during bathing to reward your dog for good behavior.


4. be carefull with washing the head

Your dog's head is often very sensitive, so it is very important to do this at a slow pace, with a washcloth, not directly under running water. This often prevents soap from getting stuck in the ears, eyes, nose or mouth.

Does your dog often have junk under his eyes? Then wash it carefully with a wet (soapless) toothbrush. Avoid washing around the eyes, as this is often very uncomfortable for your dog. Is there any soap in your eyes? Then it is important to rinse it well right away.


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