Ropa-B Liquid 10%
Ropa-B Liquid 10%

Ropa-B Liquid 10%

ROPA-B Liquid 10% (the only original) is a supplementary feed for pigeons. This product is made...

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ROPA-B Liquid 10% (the only original) is a supplementary feed for pigeons.

This product is made from oregano oil extracted from the oregano plant. ROPA-B Liquid 10% is an organic product that has no side effects. ROPA-B was tested by TNO and its effectiveness has been proven over and over again.

ROPA-B helps to protect against many bacteria such as Salmonella, Pasteurella and streptococcal. Many forms of fungi, parasites and coccidia are not immune to the rapid and purifying effect of this product. Resistance of bacteria to Ropa-B is not possible. Ropa-B supports and maintains health and recovery before, during and after flight. Also during breeding, moulting, winter season and for regulation of a normal intestinal flora. Ropa-B is a high-energy supplement based on the natural essential oils of the oregano plant. Ropa-B Liquid is an soluble Liquid that must be given in the drinking of the pigeons and may be given throughout the whole year.


Preventive: ROPA-B Liquid can be used safely throughout the year at 1.5 mls per litre of drinking water. We recommend using it 3 times per week for prevention and daily when pigeons experience stressful situations i.e. transport prior to and recovery post racing.

Recovery from bacterial or fungal challenge:  3 mls per litre of water feed for 7 days.

Available in: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml en 1000ml

Each bottle is supplied with a dispensing cap and syringe to make dosing the correct amount quick and easy.

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